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Neha, today can easily be called one of the senior most in the health industry in Gujarat. It is hard to believe that she is a mother of a college going kid... She herself practices what she preaches... and is very fit, energetic and looks younger by the day.

Being an instructor and a nutritionist herself, she has influenced lives of hundreds of students and people around her. She has innumerable certifications to her name... REEBOK, NIKE, NUTRILITE and many such more.

She started her own classes many years back, and has grown each year. What started with about 5 students in her bedroom, today has moved into a big studio with hundreds of students and still bigger plans are under wrap. Not only is she an expert in health, but is a fighter and a positive minded human being. Her journey has seen many ups and downs in life, and each time she has come out bigger, stronger and more successful.

She has also gone through knee operations on both her legs, but unlike anybody else she chosen to set an example to fight back, and not only be active, but instead become the most recognized face in the exercise industry. Her motto is simple... she always feels that... this is just the beginning... a fact very easy to believe in her case... looking at her energy and outlook towards life.
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313, Shangrila arcade, Nr. Shyamal cross roads, Ahmedabad ,

324, Satyam Mall Nr. Satellite Apts. , Ahmedabad - 380 015,
+91 9824548040

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